-The White Ravens 2021:

De Muur van Meneer Mo/Mister Mo's Wall has been included in the selection of The White Ravens 2021.  200 titles are selected by the Internationale Jugend Bibliothek in München and showed in Bologna at the Bologna Bookfair 2022. The name “White Raven” stands for rarity, difference and uniqueness.


Selected for: 

 2023: Finalist of BIBF Ananas illustration exhibition Beijing/ The adventure of madam Stork/60 finalist out of  1600 submissions.

 2022: Sharjah Exhibition for Children's Book illustrations/ The Wall of Mister Mo

 2021: Sharjah Exhibition for Children's Book Illustrations/ The adventure of Madam Stork

 2019IBBY BIB 2019. Biennial of Illustration Bratislava 2019: Cas the cat 


-Honorable mention:

 2015: Cas the cat Picture book 3x3 magazine New York Annual No.12


 On the shortlist:

 2018 Illustrarte Portugal with illustrations from  Cas the cat.


Nomination for:

- At night all trees are grey at Little Hakka 2018 picture book  competition China (unpublished)2018

-God's creation with the art of Kirchner  at Hiii brand illustrating  China 2017 (unpublished)

-Cas the cat at Little Hakka 2017 picture book competition in China (published) 2017

-My world upside down at BIISA Portugal http://biisa.weebly.com/ 2017



-  Upcoming talent: with 'Snoek' at Picturale 2017 Ronse 2017



Selected for: 

Afcc Book gallery Singapore Nationale library of Singapore with work from her picture book Cas the cat 2016