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On the shortlist:

- Illustrarte 2018 Portugal with work from my picture book Cas the cat.2018

Nomination for:

-God's creation with the art of Kirchner  at Hiii brand illustrating  China 2017

-Cas the cat at Little Hakka 2017 picture book competition in China (published) 2017

-My world upside down at BIISA Portugal http://biisa.weebly.com/ 2017


-  Upcomming talent: with 'Snoek' at Picturale 2017 Ronse 2017


Selected for:  Afcc Book gallery Singapore Nationale library of Singapore with work from my picture book Cas the cat 2016


- Honorable mention for:

-Cas the cat 3x3 magazine Annual No.12 for my picturebook Cas the cat 2015(unpublished then)