The White Ravens 2021

Mister Mo's Wall  has been included in the selection of the White Ravens 2021!A new generation of White Ravens is on its way!

The recommendation list, from the international jugend bibliothek, aims to promote quality in children’s book publishing and has become an increasingly useful tool for anyone interested in looking beyond national borders. The name “White Raven” stands for rarity, difference and uniqueness.

You can download the PDF of the catalogue for free or purchase the catalogue in print on our website. (

My work  in the catalogus of Little Hakka 1 published by Jiangsu Phoenix Art Publishing House. Released December 2018

Little Hakka article about my work:




My work 'The adventure of madam Stork' has been selected for the sharjah exhibition in UAE

My picture book Cas the cat  available in Spanish and Complex Chinese 


Upcoming picture books: 

Buitenstebinnen/Aan de slag met je gevoelens: December 2021 Pimm van Hest author/ Connie Snoek illustrator. Clavis

Telboek: Spring 2022 Author/Illustrator Connie Snoek. Publishing house Clavis




Hooray! My illustration 'SNOEK' is selected for PICTURALE 2017 in the category 'Upcoming talent'. Picturale is an illustration festival/ competition in Ronse, Belgium. There will be an exhibition 04-03-2017 till 03-4-2107 in Ronse.

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