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About me



I am a Dutch illustrator of children's books. My passion towards illustration first emerged as I worked as a theatre-maker. I used to have my own children's theatre company and designed the decor, the clothing, the dolls and invented the stories.

In 2009 I starded as an illustrator. I am self-taught.


In 2015 I got an 'Honorable mention' for my unpublished book Cas de cat from 3x3magazine Annual No.12 in New York.


In 2016 my first picturebook 'Kaila de leeuwentemmer' written by Marloes Kemming is published by Publishing house De Vier Windstreken.


And in 2017 a second book will be published in the Netherlands. A book in co-operation with an museum. Soon more!


In former days I used to work in India and Nepal as a trekking guide in the Himalyas. From there I traveled in several countries in Asia. In addition to nature in general, Asia forms a great inspiration for me.

For my work I mainly use acrylic, ink and alkyd (fast drying oil paint)in combination with pencil.